New short fiction, "Birdland," is in the spring 2017 issue of Flapperhouse! You can buy the issue here for just a few dollars, and it's so worth it for all the amazing writing by that all-star cast omg. But hopefully the story will be posted online later this summer, too. I was asked to write a … Continue reading Birdland


The Mask Boys

New short fiction, "The Mask Boys," is published at the brilliantly, gorgeously spooky New Dead Families today. The entire time I wrote this story, it was entitled "18611," but when I talked about it with my editor and my writing buddy, we'd all just refer to it as "the mask boys story" or something like … Continue reading The Mask Boys

Playing Baseball Mediocrely But Playing Baseball With Pure Joy

Delighted to have some non-fiction up at Hobart, my true love lit mag, for their month-long Baseball issue. Mine is called "Playing Baseball Mediocrely But Playing Baseball With Pure Joy." It's about Little League, motherhood, and those awful moments that flip you upside down. It was kind of hard to write and kind of hard … Continue reading Playing Baseball Mediocrely But Playing Baseball With Pure Joy

Album Reviews of 1994

Published 2/13/17. I wrote this forever ago but it never felt quite finished. It felt too novelty. And then Bryan Woods of New York Tyrant/Tyrant Books contacted me and asked me to send him something weird for them to publish. I re-read it, each segment of this sad, teen angst story divided by the artist … Continue reading Album Reviews of 1994

Two M83 Songs With Screaming In Them

Published 2/1/17. Pub #3 of 2017 is a non-fiction story in the brand new print Barrelhouse Issue 16. It's called "Two M83 Songs With Screaming In Them," and I wrote it about (yes) two M83 songs with screaming in them. It's a lot about music (M83 yes, but the impetus for this piece was probably … Continue reading Two M83 Songs With Screaming In Them