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photo credit: Nelwyn Del Frate

Julia Dixon Evans is the author of the novel How to Set Yourself on Fire, published in 2018. Her short fiction and essays have been in McSweeney’s, Hobart, Paper Darts, Barrelhouse, Literary Hub, Pithead Chapel and elsewhere, and she won the 2019 Magazine Award for Fiction. As a journalist, she writes the culture report for Voice of San Diego, and has contributed to San Diego CityBeat, the A/V Club and more. She is the founder and host of Last Exit, an online journal, workshop and reading series dedicated to building literary community in San Diego.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, Julia Evans.

    I just read your story, “Anthropoda,” in Issue 12 of The Radvocate, and one line in particular stayed with me:

    “Every hushed I love you written on her belly was dragged across the rough tropical epiphytes, bleeding her secrets atop the type of symbiosis they could never master.”



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