Ghost Stories,” at Monkeybicycle
Vinegar on the Lips of Girls,” in McSweeney’s #53
Every Living Thing in the Desert is Afraid,” in Hairstreak Butterfly Review
How To Set Yourself on Fire Excerpt (and interview) print and podcast at Other Stories
I Want Your Skull When You Die,” at WOHE Lit (collaboration with Ryan Bradford)
Fight, Hate, DGAF,” at Cheat River Review
Dogs Are Born Hungry,” at Storychord
No Sleep,” at MonkeyBicycle
Birdland,” in Flapperhouse
The Mask Boys,” at New Dead Families
Beth in Her Swimsuit,” at Pithead Chapel (nominated for the 2017 Best of the Net)
Husbands,” at The Mondegreen
Album Reviews of 1994,” at Tyrant Books
Churches We’ve Broken Into,” at Paper Darts
Six Mothers,” at Matchbook Literary Magazine
In a Classroom, After the War,” at The Collapsar
Greta,” at The Fanzine
In California When It’s Cold,” at Monkeybicycle
Beneath The Floorboards (There Are Bones),” at Corium Magazine
He’ll Write Your Name on The Bedroom Wall,” at Connotation Press
By The Teeth,” at Noble / Gas Qtrly
Autoclave,” at Broad! (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)
“Adam, and Laura,” in Black Candies: Surveillance
Nineteen Things Only People Who Are Not Going to Survive The Hour Will Understand,” at Monkeybicycle (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize and for the 2015 Best of the Net Anthology)
Leona Never Happened,” at Hobart
The Shape of England,” at Swarm Quarterly
“La Llorona, She Weeps With You,” in States of Terror, Vol. 1
“Fiddle De Dee, Fiddle De Dee,” in Black Candies: See Through (long-listed for Ellen Datlow’s Best of 2013)
“Arthropoda” in The Radvocate



“Usually You Just Sit There,” Julia Dixon Evans with her kids, at Triangle House.
When the Wildfires of Your Novel Come to Life Around You,” at Literary Hub
Playing Baseball Mediocrely But Playing Baseball With Pure Joy,” at Hobart
“Two M83 Songs With Screaming In Them,” in Barrelhouse, Issue 16
“The Trail Home,” in Like The Wind Magazine, Issue 4



An Offertory, On A Small Court,” at Hobart.
An Uncareful Mathematician Would Always Mistake This For Love,” at Hobart.


interviews and reviews and elsewhere-ish things like that

Visual Interview at Fear No Lit
Interview with Karen Stefano at Rare Bird Lit Radio
How to Set Yourself on Fire reviewed at Vol. 1 Brooklyn
Julia Dixon Evans’ Debut Book Lights Up Shelves via KPBS radio Midday Edition
How To Set Yourself on Fire Excerpt (and interview)
print and podcast at Other Stories
Interview in the Culture Report
at Voice of San Diego
Alumni in-the-news roundup for UCSD Arts & Humanities
How to Set Yourself on Fire reviewed
at San Diego CityBeat
How to Set Yourself on Fire reviewed at The Coil / Alternating Currents Press
Spring Arts Preview 2018: Meet Author Julia Dixon Evans
at San Diego Union-Tribune
How to Set Yourself on Fire reviewed
at Publishers Weekly
How to Set Yourself on Fire reviewed at Foreword Reviews
How to Set Yourself on Fire reviewed
at Kirkus Reviews
Most Anticipated Small Press Books of 2018 at Big Other
‘By the Teeth’ | Great Fiction Countdown 2015,” Zach Lisabeth.
Julia Dixon Evans interview with Karen Stefano,” Connotation Press Feature, September 2015
An Invasive Species,” Fictionfeed.net reviews “The Shape of England.”
Look Who’s Coming to Vermin SD: Julia Dixon Evans,” on my weirdest experience (not) at a reading.
Horror Business: Julia Evans,” in regards to scary movies for Ryan Bradford.
Beach Sloth reviews Black Candies: See Through, including my story, “Fiddle De Dee.”


JULIA DIXON EVANS is author of the novel How to Set Yourself on Fire, forthcoming from Dzanc books on May 8th, 2018. Her work can be found in Paper Darts, Pithead Chapel, Fanzine, Flapperhouse, Hobart and elsewhere. She lives in San Diego and is program director for the literary nonprofit and small press So Say We All. She was a 2014 PEN in the Community resident and a Poets & Writers grant recipient for teaching creative writing. Twitter: @juliadixonevans

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