Some live readings.

I’m doing some readings this month, two different stories. I hope you can come to one! Or both! That’d be really nice for me. Each evening features a bunch of really impressive writers. Here follows lots of data:

The first one, this Saturday, June 13th, 7:30pm, at 3rdspace​, is Vermin on the Mount​ and I’ll read something a bit apocalyptic that host Jim Ruland​ described as, I quote, “really fucking weird! It’s perfect!” A nice chance to hear Kevin Maloney​, on tour for his new book, Cult of Loretta​, which I am currently flying through.

Then, Saturday, June 27th, 7pm, at Low Gallery​ we are celebrating the recent publication of the amazing Black Candies​ anthology. I’ll read an excerpt from my story in the book, “Adam, and Laura,” that, in official response to my submission, editor and host Ryan Bradford​ said, I quote, “Fuck.”


Everything is FREE. Everything is rad.

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