In California When It’s Cold

My story, “In California When It’s Cold,” is now up at Monkeybicycle. This piece is weirdly my fastest acceptance ever, within 12 hours. It’s also one of my favorite origin stories. My friend Suzanne told me about a dream she had that involved sea creatures beaching themselves over and over again, and I was like: dibs.

On a December morning, when all the sea creatures beach themselves over and over again until they fall apart, bones and flesh and innards spilled on the sand, I realize: Yes, I’ll survive never letting go of him.

The noises from the ocean: hissing waves, primal moaning, agony. The smell of the dying sea life: strong, thick, death, rot, us.

Thank you, JT, and thank you Suzanne, and thank you Monkeybicycle.

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