Playing Baseball Mediocrely But Playing Baseball With Pure Joy

Delighted to have some non-fiction up at Hobart, my true love lit mag, for their month-long Baseball issue. Mine is called “Playing Baseball Mediocrely But Playing Baseball With Pure Joy.”

It’s about Little League, motherhood, and those awful moments that flip you upside down. It was kind of hard to write and kind of hard to be excited about it being published, but I’m glad it is out in the world.

It feels impossible to write about this without starting right there, in the grassy corner behind the away bleachers at the ball field, the late afternoon sun making the trees look magnificent, the Department of Homeland Security agents with their clipboards and arms crossed standing next to the little league head honchos, and me with my hand on my mouth, gasping like a made-for-TV version of a mother.

Read the whole thing here:

xoxo to Hobart. xoxo to baseball. xoxo to writing about sports without it being sportswriting.

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