Pithead Chapel’s 2017 Best of the Net Nomination

I often assume story acceptances are tired editors hitting the wrong button in the system and then being too non-confrontational to say it was a mistake, so they just sigh, take the hit, and publish it anyway. It’s nice to get shaken by the shoulders a little to say no Jules, we did really love it. And I just found out that Pithead Chapel nominated my story, “Beth in Her Swimsuit,” for the 2017 Best of the Net awards. Ahhhh.

Here’s a little picture that I almost scrolled right past on twitter.

20264842_1300719563383683_6863717941451626451_n (1).png

And you can read Beth in Her Swimsuit here.

I’m eternally thankful for the loves at Pithead Chapel, not only for publishing a lot of remarkable stuff over the years, but also for giving my strange little story a home and for honoring it like this. ❤

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