Two M83 Songs With Screaming In Them

Published 2/1/17. Pub #3 of 2017 is a non-fiction story in the brand new print Barrelhouse Issue 16. It's called "Two M83 Songs With Screaming In Them," and I wrote it about (yes) two M83 songs with screaming in them. It's a lot about music (M83 yes, but the impetus for this piece was probably … Continue reading Two M83 Songs With Screaming In Them


[This story was featured in So Say We All's May Story Showcase: America's F*&$% City] I don’t remember the exact day I lost my virginity. I didn’t write it in a diary. But I do remember a few specifics: November, 1995. 9pm-ish. Make/Model/Color: Ford Escort Station Wagon, Champagne Beige. Thirty seconds, give or take. Awkwardly. Nick … Continue reading Parking