Best Of The Net Nom (nom nom)

A little while ago, James Tate Hill, the delightful fiction editor at MonkeyBicycle, emailed me to let me know that he nominated my story, Nineteen Things Only People Who Are Not Going To Survive The Hour Will Understand, for the 2015 Best Of The Net Anthology. I know how you feel about nominations and people mentioning them in their credits and bios, but listen, I’m a fresh little writer here and everything matters to me.

He said:

Just wanted to let you know your story for Monkeybicycle, whose long title I cannot type accurately without checking, is one of the two I nominated for the 2015 Best of the Net anthology. I don’t know if this means anything at all in terms of info worth including on anything–I suspect it’s like a Pushcart Prize, etc. in which there are infinite nominees–but yours came to mind immediately as one I wanted to nominate. The other, in case you were curious, was Reem Abu-Baker’s “The White Girl Comes Back to Life.”

PS, I have to double check the title most of the time too.
PPS, Reem Abu-Baker’s story will wreck you. You should read it right now.

You can read “Nineteen Things…” here.

YAY, so glad they liked it enough to (a) publish it in the first place, and then (b) do this. ❤

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