“Vinegar on the Lips of Girls” and McSweeney’s win 2019 ASME Award for Fiction

McSweeney's Quarterly Concern and "Vinegar on the Lips of Girls" win ASME Award for Fiction


Published 2/15/17. I know I say this a lot, like every time I publish something, but this one is the weirdest thing. This one. This one is the weirdest thing to end all weird things. It's gross, obscene, and difficult to swallow. You really don't want to read this one. It was difficult to write, … Continue reading Husbands

Album Reviews of 1994

Published 2/13/17. I wrote this forever ago but it never felt quite finished. It felt too novelty. And then Bryan Woods of New York Tyrant/Tyrant Books contacted me and asked me to send him something weird for them to publish. I re-read it, each segment of this sad, teen angst story divided by the artist … Continue reading Album Reviews of 1994

Churches We’ve Broken Into

Published 1/18/17. This one is really, really special to me for three main reasons. I finally got a story in Paper Darts. !!! This is basically a spin-off of my forthcoming novel, where breaking into churches is a bit of a motif, and I often have such a stifling disconnect between my novel and my … Continue reading Churches We’ve Broken Into

Six Mothers

Published 1/16/17. My first publication of 2017 was this quietly absurd piece of flash fiction, "Six Mothers," published at Matchbook. They also sent me a little envelope of cash and a very sweet typewriter note in the mail, so F yeah Matchbook. Matchbook asks its writers what inspires each story, so I told them (a) failing … Continue reading Six Mothers

An Offertory, On A Small Court

I just had another poem published, "An Offertory, On A Small Court," at Hobart. I wondered if you ever accidentally thought of him when we were having sex When you whispered my name against my throat, did you think of a basketball player Did you think of his mouthguard, all hanging out of his mouth, … Continue reading An Offertory, On A Small Court