Six Mothers

Published 1/16/17. My first publication of 2017 was this quietly absurd piece of flash fiction, “Six Mothers,” published at Matchbook. They also sent me a little envelope of cash and a very sweet typewriter note in the mail, so F yeah Matchbook.

Matchbook asks its writers what inspires each story, so I told them (a) failing as a mother, and (b) that giant bear of honey at Costco.

The second mother once told me that she thinks I’m stuck. Like some gear inside of me is stuck in a bad position. She has shiny hair but also shiny skin. I envy, on average, fifty percent of the things about her. Yes: her hair. Yes: her patience. No: her skin. No: her uncanny observations of me.

“Noah, for the love of God,” I say. Actually it is more of a growl. Or a roar. My throat hurts after everything I say. “Don’t you dare sit down right there.”

Read the rest here:

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