New short fiction, “Birdland,” is in the spring 2017 issue of Flapperhouse!


You can buy the issue here for just a few dollars, and it’s so worth it for all the amazing writing by that all-star cast omg. But hopefully the story will be posted online later this summer, too.

I was asked to write a story for this, about a month before the deadline, and I was in the strange position of knowing when the story would be published. I love writing for the weather because it’s so fucking stupid here, but also…anchoring. A lot of my inspiration comes from thinking about how stifling November is in Southern California, or how weird spring is. And lo, here we were enshrouded in a marine layer and I knew a story would be published in June, and I just wanted to write that, the strange chill unique to June in San Diego.

Another in my sisters/girls series. In fact, I gave this one the ol’ “Reverse Bechtel.” There’s only one male character, and he has no real dialogue. Take that, manwriters!

Thanks especially to Stephen Langlois and all at Flapperhouse for believing in me and my girls. They’re an incredibly stunning, insane, and weird outfit, producing some of the best literary work I’ve read in a long time. Buy all their books.

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